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I can't say enough about this product! I was in the market for a good moisturizer that was simple and wouldn't clog my pores. This one is non-comedogenic, won't clog pores. It's a simple moisturizer which is exactly what I was wanting, something that moisturizes without breaking out my skin. I use a pea size amount each morning before makeup. It doesn't smell, it's not greasy, absorbs right in and works great under makeup. I love love love this stuff!

Life Changing

Even at the age of 30 I still faced the annoyance of random break outs. Something that I thought would be left behind in my teen years. All that changed once I was introduced to Liquid Oxygen. Liquid Oxygen has been a total game changer in my life and is absolutely essential to my beauty regime! Now instead of worrying about the next breakout or spending endless hours trying every make up trick to cover my blackheads, I actually get compliments on how smooth and even my complexion is! It’s so such a relief to know I will be acne free on my upcoming wedding day and I have even recommended it to fellow brides as part of their pre-wedding beauty ritual. ! Liquid Oxygen is the only acne line that I can use that doesn’t dry my skin out and leaves me with a glow- a true plus for my 30 year old skin. So goodbye concealers, and hello to loving my skin again.


After an entire year of my life with what 3 dermatologists suspected to be rosacea, hundreds of dollars wasted on Rx drugs and creams that didn't work (or made things worse), I stumbled upon Liquid Oxygen. This changed my life. After the first wash my bumpy rash started to smooth out and within a week my face cleared. I've been rash-free for over a year now and the constant to keep my skin clear is clearly Liquid Oxygen. It doesn't dry my skin, there's no flaking, and even with numerous skin allergies, there's nothing in the ingredients that is on my list of things to avoid. Seriously, I owe my face to this amazing formula and I hope my review will help others that were as frustrated and at their wits end as I was. Thank you so much Liquid Oxygen.

Secret Shaving success

Used the first bottle of this product only for face washing. Worked great! Upon purchase of the second bottle, began shaving in the shower with an electric razor. I got a truly amazing close, comfortable shave without any razor burn. I highly recommend this wonderful product.


I never heard of Liquid Oxygen until I walked into the Skincare aisle of my local Stop & Shop grocery. I was immediately intrigued because it was nothing I've seen before and best of all, being an avid animal lover, it's Cruelty Free!! I have tried MANY products with no success and I'm tired. I'm currently using the 3 Step Acne System and so far I'm pleased. I have a major problem with Blackheads on my nose mainly, but also on my chin and forehead. I only get Acne occasionally, but get deep pimples on my chin. The 3 Step Acne System is refreshing, gentle and cooling. The Acne Cleanser doesn't even burn my eyes! I've already purchased a second round of products because I want to believe that this product line will finally be my dream come true. The Customer Service she has bestowed upon me is truly the BEST I've ever experienced. I plan on speaking about this product to others! I can't wait for Liquid Oxygen to expand!!

Miracle Worker!

Unlike most people in their teens, I never really suffered from acne. It wasn’t until I went away to college, where stress, late nights and lots of makeup ended up causing me to breakout. A few months ago I start using Liquid Oxygen. Immediately I saw improvement. The active blemishes -gone and 3 months later I am acne free and my skin feels supple and radiant. Liquid Oxygen’s 3-step system is truly amazing!!!! I don’t fear the mirror or Happy-hour. Thank you Liquid Oxygen for creating a product that works miracles. Having clear, healthy skin makes me feel beautiful - and that makes me happy!


This cleanser is awesome. And the moisturizer is wonderful, too (it's my favorite part) I have used every skin cleansing system out there, spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I'm so glad I found this line, NOTHING works as well as this stuff does


I’m different than other customer reviewers! I am 60 yrs old, and have ALL of my life had acne. WHO would think at my age, acne would still be an issue! I used to Wait for the day when I’d get past hormonal issues and finally have clear skin. NEVER came, until my 6 yr old grandson ACCIDENTALY put it in my shopping cart. Upon emptying my groceries, I found it, saw this tag saying "clinically proven effective day 1"- so having tried everything else, gave it a try. OMG WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE- it felt different, it looked calmer! I didn't feel tight or tingling, just fresh! So tomorrow came and same results, and everyday since! I am over the moon! I’ve had NO acne or blackheads in 4 wks! I got the blackhead astringent, and moisturizer. THEY are worth EVERY PENNY. JUST to not have a face I hate to look at in the mirror or ashamed to show in public. I gave some to a neighbor’s daughter, a teen and has/had acne, and it cleared up her skin!


I have never written a review before but I just had to for this product. I suffered from acne for years. Almost a decade to be exact. I've tried everything: Proactiv, Neutrogena, Accutane, Clean and Clear, and even the Clarasonic acne system. Granted Accutane cleared a lot of it but the Clarasonic acne wash made it HORRIBLE. I was waking up with 5 new pimples every day in the same hormonal spot. I used it for more then a month and I was not even seeing the slightest improvement. I used Neaclear about two weeks ago and in ONE DAY I saw significant improvement!!! I can't believe how clear my skin is! I'm still in shock! I use this with my Clarasonic acne brush. I HIGHLY recommend this product! LOVE IT!!!


I have combination skin and I was looking for something to give me an even skin tone then one day I came across Liquid Oxygen. I bought the cleanser along with the liquid oxygen blackhead astringent. From the first use I noticed a difference in my skin tone. I have oily skin along my chin, forehead and nose while my cheeks are dry and Liquid Oxygen balanced it all out. Another problem I have is my skin is acne prone but this product has actually helped clear up my skin instead of causing more breakouts. It is the best product I have ever used on my skin.

Great For Teenagers

I use Liquid Oxygen Facial Cleanser (and love it) but recently started buying the Acne Wash for my teenage son and niece. They both LOVE the product - it feels good on their skin, it's not harsh at all, and their skin clears basically upon use - it works very, very well on their acne-prone skin. My niece discontinued the expensive proactive treatment to use this simple wash instead - a much cheaper alternative. She lives out of state and asks me to ship her bottles when she runs out. Big shout out to Ulta - they're the only ones I can find that stocks it! Thanks Ulta!


I Have had acne since I was 15 and very self conscious about it. Liquid Oxygen has been the only product to clear my acne without over drying it.