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Oscar Red Carpet Beauty Tips 

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Published on Jul 20, 2015


Prom Checklist - Skincare and Beauty tips to look red carpet ready!



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Perfect prom skin doesn't start the day of prom, it starts weeks before. Here are some tips to help your skin glow on prom night.

Four Weeks before Prom :

Get serious about what you eat! Junk food causes breakouts, so try to eat more skin-loving foods. These include green leafy vegetables, like kale and spinach, fruits, particularly berries and healthy fats such as avocado. 

It's around this time that you should be more diligent with your beauty routine, too.

CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURIZE your face twice a day. Don’t use harsh products on your skin that can strip the skin of its protective layer and cause redness and irritation. For acne prone skin, our Liquid Oxygen products contain Oxygen and salicylic acid that kill acne causing bacteria without harsh side effects. Liquid oxygen, 3 step acne system

GOT BLACKHEADS? They’re super common, especially on teen skin. So make sure to include blackhead astringent in your skincare routine. Plan a facial for at least a month in advance, because while facials are helpful in making your skin look smoother, post-extraction redness and breakouts are normal.

DO NOT POP, OR PICK your pimples, this can cause the area to be infected, worsen the condition and possibly leave a scar. Instead, use a spot treatment that will dry out the pimple and allow it to heal.

PROTECT. While it might not be beach or pool weather yet, it’s still important to wear sunscreen daily. And don’t go to the tanning bed! Overexposure to the sun causes everything from premature aging and sun spots to skin cancer.

DRINK UP. Water is your new best friend. Ditch the cola and trade any other sugary or caffeinated drink for water. Even just a little dehydration can cause skin to look dull. If you want a radiant complexion for prom, get in the hydration habit now.

Exfoliate.This is the perfect time for a full body exfoliation to really get glowing. You can exfoliate with a DIY body scrub or even with a wash cloth.

Two Weeks before Prom:

It's important to exfoliate a few times a week. However, there's one caveat: If you're having trouble with breakouts, scrubs can actually spread bacteria all over the face and make the situation worse. So be gentle. It is best to use your cleanser or acne wash and a soft wash cloth. 

Nail Prep: Dry cuticles? Nails a mess? Apply nail oil once a day to soften the skin around your nails. This will strengthen the nail itself, as well. (A dab of olive oil will work fine too.) Cut and file your nails and put on clear polish once a week. This will ensure your nails are healthy and strong so you won't be likely to break a nail the night before your big day.

Get Your Tan: But not from a tanning bed! Tanning before age 30 increases your risk of cancer. Instead use a buildable sunless tanner that will gradually give your skin a natural golden color. Start early, and don't go overboard. Use it every other day or every third day for a few weeks before prom so you can build up a color suitable to your skin tone.

Check Out Your Eyebrows: If you want to refine your eyebrows, get them done by a professional and then do the upkeep at home.

Brighten your smile. Swap your regular toothpaste for a whitening one that removes surface stains and protects your teeth from further yellowing. Brush for at least two minutes at a time, and avoid dark soda, coffee and tea.

One Week before Prom:

Incorporate a Face Mask: Using a clay face mask two times a week will help clear clogged pores and minimize acne. Use a spot treatment product on blemishes. If you happen to have breakouts on Prom day, simply use a concealer. You won't be the only one.

Another idea is to make your own calming mask with yogurt, honey, and strawberries. But be careful with DIY treatments. There are many kitchen ingredients you should never put on your skin!

The Night before Prom:

Max out your volume. The night before, use a clarifying shampoo — it will remove any residue, so you get major volume.

Nothing compares to a good night's sleep. Get your beauty rest. And don't try any new beauty product or deviate from your routine because you never know how your skin will react.

Prom Night:

Getting Ready:

Before you start your makeup, remember your moisturizer . Your acne moisturizer will help quell oil and also act as a primer for your makeup. And try a powder mineral makeup. Mineral makeup can give you the coverage of a liquid or cream foundation, but it is much healthier for your skin. And you decrease your risk of “cake face”.

Get Your Shimmer On: We're not talking sparkles, but sophisticated shimmer. Apply a touch of illuminating moisturizer or powder on your shoulders, chest and neck.

Eyes or Lips, but not Both: You might be tempted to go all out with your makeup, but don't! You want to see you in your pictures, not your makeup. Do you love smoky eyes? Then go for a subtle lip - lip gloss over lipstick. Do you want to rock red lipstick? Then choose a lighter eye shadow and mascara. Experiment before prom so you have your plan the night of the dance.

Not too much Perfume: A dab of perfume on your neck and wrists is all that is needed for a sophisticated scent. Even if you see your friends spraying all over their dresses, avoid! Nothing is worse than a prom date who can't breathe around you.

Say "prune" in pictures. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen reportedly say this to nail that perfect close-lipped sneaky smile. It sounds ridiculous, but it also works.

After Prom:

Don't forget to wash your face really well to take off all your makeup. Your skin needs to repair and rest while you sleep!

7 Things to Pack in Your Handbag

Blotting Tissues  When you are dancing and your face starts to look oily, you'll be so glad you brought blotting tissues. It will soak up all of the oil and your skin won't look shiny in pictures. Pack extras; your friends will be borrowing.

A Compact  After you use the blogging tissues, put on a bit of powder to keep your skin looking finished.

Lip Balm  Lipstick can leave your lips dry. Lip balm will leave them looking shiny and smooth.

Band-Aids If you bought a new pair of shoes for prom, chances are they are not broken in yet. Having band aids in your purse will make sure you're not going barefoot.

Bobby Pins  In case the beautiful prom hairstyle starts to fall. You can easily fix it with a bobby pin or two. And flip the bobby pin over - the wavy side goes against your head.

Safety Pins  Many times those small spaghetti straps break early in the night. What a nightmare if you don't have a safety pin or two tucked away.

Hairspray Prevent an updo meltdown. When your hair feels like it's about to fall, spritz a bobby pin with hairspray and tuck it into your updo.

Breath Mints  Better yet, a mini prepasted, disposable toothbrush.

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